Product Advantages


AUBO i series collaborative robots have a loading capacity of 3 to 16KG, which can cover different applications in each industry, and quickly adapt to the needs of application scenarios in various industries by means of abundant configuration options. They are ideal choices for improving the production efficiency and implementing the low-cost operation.

Flexible Deployment

  • Light, compact, and small footprint.
  • It takes only half a day in average to deploy the arm to execute new tasks.

Flexible Deployment

  • With quick changeover of multiple function scenarios, human-machine collaboration, dual-machine collaboration and multi-machine collaboration, etc. can be adopted to realize flexible production.

Simple Programming

  • It’s available to master the programming method in half an hour, and complete simple programming in 1 hour.
  • Dragging teaching and visualized programming to make the operation simple and efficient, you can operate robots easily without being proficient in programming languages.

Wide Application

  • The products have been applied in batches in the fields such as 3C, automobile, hardware and household appliances, sanitary appliances for kitchens and bathrooms, medical health, scientific research and education, catering, new retail, chemical products for daily use, and logistics.

Safety and Stability

  • The products have passed the certification of (PL=d, CAT 3), CE, UL, KCs, CR, SEMI S2 etc.
  • Level-10 collision detection and sensor safety testing are supported.
  • The terminal does not drop in case of power failure, so the products are safe and stable. 16 safe I/O interfaces are provided, so the safety function does not lose in case of single failure.

System Opening

  • Connection of multi-language environments, multiple communication protocols, and deep integration with third-party plug-ins.
  • Communication protocols: TCP/IP, Modbus-RTU/TCP, Profinet.
  • Interface and openness: SDK (supporting the development of C/C++/C#/Lua/Python), API.
  • Supporting Linux, Windows and Robot Operating System (ROS).


  • It’s available to realize fast dismantlement and replacement within 15 minutes.
  • The repair and maintenance are quicker and more convenient.

High Return on Investment

  • Key and core components are 100% manufactured in China.
  • The investment cost can be recovered within 6~12 months on average.

High Precision

  • Millisecond-level system response ensures repeatability.
  • The repeatability can be up to ±0.05mm.
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