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Responsive, Quick, Precise after-sales service

When considering which refrigerator system to buy and which company to buy from, the after-sales service is crucial, as cold rooms are not something just any engineer or electrician can fathom. The after-sales service from Revolucion Technology was responsive, quick, careful and precise. They were fast to respond to any needs we had and sent qualified engineers to figure out the problem within an hour. Excellent and trustworthy company!

Mr. Loo KS
Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Bhd


Competitive & Attractive Pricing

My company compared prices from various suppliers all over Malaysia, and still found Revolucion Technology’s prices most competitive and attractive for the products and services they offered. I have no regrets working with them as after 3 projects with them, I still find the products and services they offered are value for money!

Mr. Zhang XH


Quality Assurance

The quality of Revolucion Technology products is second to none, as they provide made-to-measure specific solutions that are cost effective and time saving. My company is assured of the quality of products and cold rooms offered by Revolucion Technology as they serve large warehouses to smaller companies and have done TUV project in Thailand. I am impressed!

Mr. Lee Jing


Accountable & Good Follow Up

I was drawn to Revolucion Technology because I know they are the professional in refrigerating system. (They are the main Vendor for Panasonic, Hitachi and Daikin) But I remain loyal to them because of their after-sales service. The accountability is there. Andy keep in touch with me closely and reassure that he is there to help should I have an after-sale need.

Mr. Khairul Azwar
Daikin Malaysia Bhd


Saving of 40% on my cost!

Revolucion Technology’s dry storage proposal really work well for my company’s needs. I’ve a saving of 40% as they have helped to reviewed and suggested from business expansion point of view. They aren’t just engineer, they are good business associates! Thank you Revolucion Technology!

Mr. Low KL


Good Quality @ Great Price

If you’re looking for top-notch, high quality and long-lasting products and cold rooms, Revolucion Technology are the people to go to. I have no qualms about their products. Indeed they have technology transfer from Japan and German principle, which give them the top knowhow to work with us. Great quality at a great price!

Mr. Chen
Bureau Veritas


Under Promised, Over Delivered

Revolucion Technology has helped me tremendously to meet my cold storage’s timeline by delivering projects and products on time. My project was delayed due to the main contractor. They under promised, and over delivered! They have a strong reputation of meeting deadlines and submitting what they have promised in a timely manner.

Dr. Jeff
Dunham Bush


They listened to my needs

What I like about Revolucion Technology is that they have professional engineers who think, dream and talk about their invention, and from there, they design and build the best and most suitable products. They are professional in dealing with customers as I have experienced for myself – I was not ‘pushed’ products that were merely expensive but not meeting my needs, Patricia at Revolucion Technology listened to my needs and then gave her professional opinions. That made me feel that they were passionate about what they do and trustworthy for me to work with them.

Mr. Alex Phakwan
Harley Davidson


Experts in Engineering

Revolucion Technology connects with their customers’ needs to help them flourish further. When I first met Andy and Patricia, I experienced this as they interacted with me with a practice-based approach to find out our company’s needs. They offered ways to navigate the complex questions we had between what we needed and what we could afford. They are indeed the experts in engineering and very entrepreneur. They helped to design and blend our business vision with the products we need.

Mr. Muhammad Annur
Johnson Control Hitachi Air Conditioning Malaysia

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